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These Photographs

These photos were shot with a Leica M4 using 21, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses. Some of the neg was 100 foot bulk rolls Tri-X film shipped from LA cross-country during the blistering summer months. That's pretty much all I could afford. Most photos appeared in Atlanta's underground weekly newspaper, The Great Speckled Bird.

Everything was flatbed scanned and processed with Photoshop. These images were purposely soften and uploaded at low resolution to avoid their unlicensed use in commercial print and broadcast.

High quality files are available for those interested in licensing my photographs. I do sell prints occasionally too. Please for more information.

One last note, these pages were hand-coded, a few little unicode gremlins popped up but aren't in the code. If you know about this stuff and have an idea, please write!

Leica M4 with meter, the camera that produced these photographs.