J. Geils Band, June, 1971

J. Geils Band

Mario was backstage [in Boston] when he heard a band on stage playing his favorite song, 'Serve Me Right To Suffer.' "When I heard the song it blew me away," said Mario. That's when he rushed stage front to get a look at the band playing the song. "Holy Shit," I said when discovering the guys playing the song were all White boys. They were a Boston band known as The J. Geils Band whose hipster front-man was WBCN disk jockey, Peter Wolf. Local critics were even claiming comparisons to The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. "Man, they sounded so Black that I thought they were Brothers, you dig." … Atlantic Records' exec. Mario Medious quoted by Phillip Rauls Blog: a personal history about Stax and Atlantic Records.

(June 1971---Peter Wolf / front left, J. Geils / front right)